Elbe River

Elbe River cruises

are cruises on a mystic, hidden river, complete with towering cliffs, rococo palaces and elbe 2charming riverside towns, as it flows from the Czech  Republic through Germany’s northeast, the former East Germany. Take a Elbe River cruise and discover Germany’s united and  vibrant capital, Berlin, and the architectural splendor of Prague.

On your you will experience the renaissance underway in Berlin since East and West Germany were unified, and you’ll marvel at the baroque splendor of elbe 1Dresden rebuilt after the terrible destruction inflicted upon it during WWII.

Exquisite palaces and beautifully landscaped gardens await you as you drink up the breathtaking scenery on your Elbe River cruise.  During your cruise you will uncover the beauty of Eastern Germany’s most dramatic landscapes a country that was closed off to much of the West until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

And that’s only the beginning. Your cruise odyssey offers you the opportunity to walk in the footsteps of Martin Luther and the birthplace of Protestantism in Wittenberg. See Castle Church where he posted his 95 Theses in 1539, so long ago.

Elbe mapYour Elbe River cruise takes you to the baroque treasures of Dresden and the breathtaking beauty of the rugged sandstone mountains of Germany’s Saxon Switzerland where you will visit the the opulent residences of the Saxon Monarchs.


Your cruise includes:
a tour of the famous Meissen porcelain factory,
an exploration of Prague with its massive Hradcany Castle
complex and wonderful architecture, and more.

Elbe River cruises are an especially good value because they include a 3 night pre-cruise package in Berlin and Magdeburg AND a 2 night post-cruise in Prague. Because these pre and post Elbe River cruise packages include meals, sightseeing and transportation to your river cruise vessel you will save money and time over making these arrangements independently.

Added to the stress-free nature of river cruising and you have a great cruise vacation with all the details handled. Plus, since everything is pre-paid before you leave on your trip, there is no need to worry about exchange rates and the rising costs of hotels and meals.

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