Main-Danube Canal

Main-Danube Canal

Almost lost to the mists of time, there lived a man whose name was Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor. He dreamed an outlandish dream for the 7th Century: to build what we now know of as the Main-Danube Canal. That’s him on his horse outside Charlemagneof Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

After many stops and starts over the next 1,200 years or so,  the Main-Danube Canal finally opened in 1992.  By means of connecting the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers, it enables river vessels to sail 2,200 miles – all the way from the North Sea to the Black Sea. (You can actually take a river cruise the entire way) – sound interesting?
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The Main-Danube Canal is Europe’s highest navigable waterway: you sail through 16 locks and, near Nuremberg, the Canal climbs to over 1,300 feetlocks 1above sea-level. As you wind your way along the 106 mile Main-Danube Canal, think of Charlemagne and his men, attempting to dig a navigable trench with only hand tools.  Don’t dwell too long on them, because you may miss the hilltop monasteries and medieval castles, grape arbors and picturesque villages that your ship will glide by.


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