River Cruise vs Ocean Cruise

Europe River Cruises
Why river cruising in Europe better than an ocean cruise:


      • See small villages off the beaten path which are simply inaccessible by an ocean cruise;
      • Dock in the heart of town  and spend time seeing the city, and notPR_UW_Danube_Wachau_805_small traveling to the city from an industrial port area;

      • Maximize your sightseeing time as you walk off the ship; no long lines or tendering to shore;

      • With less than 200 passengers per ship, you will make new friends and get to know your fellow passengers and staff;

      • Visit one port per day on most itineraries instead of spending days of continuous sailing;

      • Spend an afternoon on a wine-tasting excursion that is included in the price;
      • Take a cycling excursion on the many miles of bike paths that follow the rivers;
      • Experience the ever-changing riverside scenery as opposed to staring at an endless horizon of ocean waves;

      • No sea-sickness as you cruise on smooth rivers;

      • And, unlike an ocean cruise, on a river cruise most of the
        shore excursions are included in the price.


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