Danube River

wachau valley
Celebrated as the most romantic of Europe’s great rivers, the majestic Danube River connects eight different countries and stretches from Germany’s Black Forest to the coast of the Black Sea.

Cruise through central Europe, through the beautiful Wachau Valley
of Austria, topped with ancient castles, hilltop villages and lush vineyards.map of danube river

Experience engineering marvels, such as the Main-Danube Canal and discover grand art, breathtaking cathedrals and a rich cultural heritage.
Melk Abbey 2A Danube River cruise is, in a way, a time machine, as you cruise through history from the 20th century back to ancient times:

  • Nuremberg, an archetypal medieval German city yet forever linked with World War II due to the Nazi rallies and war crimes trials held here;
  • Melk, world-renown for its magnificent 900-year old BenedictineAbbey;
  • Passau, where the world’s largest church pipe organ can be found at St.Stephan’s Cathedral,

are but a few of the places you will visit.

A Danube River cruise also lets you explore the cultural capitals of central Europe – Vienna, the elegant center of the Hapsburg Empire; beautifully preserved Budapest, the “Paris of the East”; the Imperial City of Bratislava and perhaps a pre or post cruise stay in the glorious city of Prague.

Added to the stress-free nature of river cruising and you have a great cruise vacation with all the details handled. Plus, since almost everything is pre-paid before you leave on your trip, there is no need to worry about exchange rates and the rising costs of hotels and meals.

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